Why Join NMWDOC?

In New Mexico there are numerous groups that express an interest in, or are involved in managing dams, watersheds, and water resources. These groups often focus on single issues such as water quality, ecosystems, endangered species, flood control, sediment control, public lands, private lands, a single river basin, watershed, or a limited geographical area. Some are federal, state, or local agencies, some are academic institutions, some are private concerned groups, and some are simply private landowners who are trying to get others to work together. In some circumstances coordination, communication, and cooperation between groups is good; however, this is not always the case.

The New Mexico Watershed and Dam Owners Coalition seeks to increase our understanding of the problems and concerns of these various groups from a broader, state wide perspective. NMWDOC exists to help coordinate and support actions to meet the challenges to maintaining our dams and watersheds and to promote safety across New Mexico. NMWDOC also provides a platform to promote effective representation for our members concerns, and help influence legislation and agency policies affecting New Mexicans. As a member of NMWDOC you will be able to participate in discussions on issues pertaining to watersheds and dams, meet with representatives for groups you might not otherwise come in contact with, and receive information about NMWDOC related issues including upcoming legislative and changes proposed by the Office of the State Engineer.

If you would like to Join NMWDOC, please request an application form using the Contact form on this page. Enter “Application Request” in the Comment or Message section then use the Submit button to send the request.