Vision and Goals of the New Mexico Watershed and Dam Owners Coalition

NMWDOC supports watershed protection and restoration projects, dam related projects, and safety efforts in New Mexico that result in:

Healthier watersheds managed to achieve ecologically balanced systems that sustain natural resources and protect the public

Improved public awareness of watershed health and dam safety concerns

Safer and more effective dam design, construction, maintenance and operation

Increased funding for projects that improve watershed health and dam safety

What NMWDOC Does:

Raises public awareness, through the collection and dissemination of information and by educating the media, public, politicians, and public officials about NMWDOC concerns and interests

Arranges workshops, seminars, and training sessions to identify and address common issues concerning NMWDOC members and to provide a forum for exchange of ideas and information related to those issues

Funds and supports watershed protection and restoration projects, watershed management programs, and watershed studies. NMWDOC also seeks additional means of financial support and provides information about other funding sources to NMWDOC members

Supports improved dam design, construction, operations and safety efforts by other groups and agencies

Reviews proposed regulation and policies affecting NMWDOC interests and presents a strong unified voice to politicians, public officials, and the public expressing the conclusions and recommendations of the NMWDOC

Proposes new policies and regulation, or changes to existing policies and regulation changes that will improve watershed health and dam safety

Supports appropriate levels of funding for staff, training, and equipment in the Dam Safety Bureau of the Office of the State Engineer

Activities of the NMWDOC

Through its workshops, seminars, training sessions, and Steering Committee meetings, NMWDOC provides support, training, technical assistance, and dissemination of data and information to dam owners, designers, operators, contractors, suppliers, and regulators

NMWDOC directly provides funds for watershed improvement projects and the development of tools to improve watershed analysis and management. NMWDOC, through its workshops and seminars, provides information to watershed managers and dam owners concerning funding opportunities including grants, loans, and cost sharing opportunities

NMWDOC directly advocates for improved watershed management and dam design, operations, maintenance, and safety in New Mexico through contact with public officials and political representatives